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The goal of Stichting Vom Himmel hoch is to promote the culture that is connected with ancient churches. The foundation collects information about historical churches in the Netherlands and publishes about this subject on the internet. Vom Himmel hoch also organizes concerts and so called Meditations of Muse.
Besides organizing her own concerts and meditations the foundation tries to stimulate new devote activities in ancient churches. Stichting Vom Himmel hoch has a neutral religious position and believes that this gives the opportunity to increase the value of ancient churches to people from different cultural backgrounds, whether religious or not.

March 7, 2004
New column: Church of the week
Every week we describe another ancient church of the Netherlands.
This week it is the "Romanesque-Gothic" church of Noordbroek (Gr.).

March 7, 2004
All the ancient churches of the Groningen area online

March 3, 2004
Meditation of Muse in Dominicanenkerk Zwolle

January 2, 2004
Meditations of Muse